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The 3 B's – by Sheri Myers

Making a Fitness Routine Stick!!!

We all have the best intentions when we set fitness goals. We want to look better and feel better! Exercising is good for us! Studies have shown it to increase longevity in life. A fit body suffers less injuries and has more energy. A fitness minded individual adjusts their diets to include healthier foods. A fit body looks better in and out of clothing! It’s ALL good! So why do so many people quit their fitness routines before they ever really get started?

In the 13 years I’ve been in the fitness industry, I’ve seen and heard all sorts of reasons. Some are legitimate but some are not so much reasons as they are excuses. Health issues, job restrictions, family obligations are all possible reasons why a fitness routine can be squashed. But even with these very real limitations, usually, some sort of form of exercise can be integrated into a lifestyle with some motivation and planning. Now, let’s talk about the reasons that feel a little more like excuses. Fatigue, lack of time, geography, financial limitations, social obligations are more than a few reasons people give themselves for skipping exercising. We humans can be pretty convincing when we’re reasoning with ourselves!

Okay, so let’s take the people that really just don’t want to exercise out of the picture. They wouldn’t be reading this article anyway! Let’s talk about the people that just can’t seem to get a routine to stick. If you want the results, you have to do the work! Start by making a plan with yourself. Work on your self-perception and inner motivation. Make it clear to yourself that you are exercising to improve your health and well-being. Set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely). Set up an obtainable but specific training plan.

Next, let’s be real with ourselves… Common sense already says that if you don’t enjoy an activity, you are not going to keep doing it! Unfortunately, many people end up doing a certain kind of exercise just because they have been told it’s good for them or that others have had great results. Pick an exercise that has validity but one that you like and that fits in with your schedule, financial abilities and lifestyle.

Once you have a plan, schedule your workouts ahead of time for the week. Treat the schedule as if it’s set in stone, as if it’s a job or a doctor’s appointment. Get ready for the workout the day before: pack the gym bag, put it in the car. Eliminate everything that could serve as excuse that prevents you from keeping the schedule. Keep yourself on track! Once the results start rolling in, it’ll become a lot easier and much less a chore and more just part of your routine.

Finally, continue to be real with yourself. If you find yourself committing and showing up but you’re not enjoying it or not seeing results, go back to the beginning and try something else. Keep at it until you find your niche or multiple niches. Always remember that a fitness routine is personal and should enrich your life. Make it work… You got this!!!

• 67% of gym members never go.

• 1/3 of people who buy online fitness and health products never even download them.

Running may be such a thing. For many it’s simply boring. Coupled with the fact that it’s not very effective for weight loss or strength gain, it’s no wonder that so many give up running come fall. Injuries are also a factor in exercise abandonment. If combined with other factors, harmless knee pain can lead people to give up on exercise completely, when they really should work to find alternate or rehabilitating exercises. Don’t quit!

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