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Taking it on the Road

We all have the best intentions with regard to our fitness programs. We try to be consistent and focused and avoid long breaks or disruptions in our routines. But alas, life happens. Work, travel, illness, kids, household responsibilities can prevent us from making it to that scheduled fitness class or gym session.

For a recreational exerciser — someone who works out two to three times a week – it takes roughly two to four weeks of inactivity for there to be a notable change in your conditioning. The more serious athlete, such as a marathon runner, may feel this decline more acutely, but losing your fitness bookmark happens in proportion to how much effort you put into getting in shape in the first place.

I find that for myself and some of my clients, it’s more of a mental distraction or disappointment that occurs when a routine gets temporarily derailed. In my opinion, that’s the most serious type of disappointment! We come down on ourselves for taking a step back in our progress and that can set us back even further.

For the past decade I’ve had several clients that maintain a regular schedule with me in my studio but have occasional obligations that require a break in their routine. In an effort to prevent set backs in the results we’ve achieved in the studio, I’ve found myself writing down a Pilates routine for them to take on the road or even filming a short video or series of photos for them on their ipad or smartphone. I’ll send them on their way with that mobile knowledge and an exercise band and hope for the best! What I find most pertinent about taking your fitness program on the road is that we tend to be more conscious about what we’re eating and drinking as well. Almost as if there’s a little fitness angel sitting on one shoulder wagging a finger at the devil on the other.

With all this being said, I’m excited to introduce “Pilates En Route” very soon. A website designed to keep the Pilates enthusiast on track by bringing the studio to the home, hotel room, or wherever they may be. Stay tuned!!!

Keep Calm and Pilates on!!!

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